Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. School is out, the peonies are in bloom, and it’s the only time of year when friends and family don’t have to make excuses to get together.

Have the summertime blues? Not to worry, because I have created a special list of 30 ways you can make the most out of your summer & make it the best summer yet!

1. Be a tourist in your hometown

Maybe you need a simple reminder of why you love where you live. Take a trip to a local museum, make sure to go on plenty of family walks around your neighborhood, and take some time to love your hometown.

2. Plant a summer flower garden

Nothing says welcome home like a yard full of beautiful & delicious-smelling blooms to greet you. Turn on some classic songs, make yourself some fresh lemonade, and start creating your very own summertime garden.


3. Plan a summer getaway

Because you are never too old to wander to new places. What are you waiting for? Save up some money and go exploring. If not overseas, explore a different state in your motherland.

4. Get in shape

Get the summer bod you always wanted and start loving yourself back to health. Start making healthy changes in your lifestyle and your diet. Your confidence level with skyrocket and your little summer bikini that you have been dying to wear will look smashing on your fit figure.


5. Find a new hobby

Yes, find a new hobby that makes you feel completely out of your element. Maybe you have been wanting to become a better cook or get into kickboxing or yoga. Get ready to test your talents and feel accomplished as you try new things and reach new heights.

6. Go camping

There is nothing quite like falling asleep under the beautiful bright stars as they pierce through the black night sky. Camping is a way to appreciate life and the people you love to live life with. 

7. Roast S'mores with your loved ones

Roasting S’mores makes for the perfect summer treat while giving you an opportunity to mingle around the fire with family and friends.

Looking for ways to switch it up a bit? Change out the graham crackers with Samoa cookies, or add in some raspberries and fresh fruit to complement the sweetness of the chocolate.


8. Go on a road trip

Pack your bags, grab your favorite road trip snacks, and take a trip on the open road. Road trips are a great way to explore new places without breaking the bank.

Live on the West side of the United States? Take a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway and catch the stunning scenery of Big Sur, where it twists through seaside cliffs. Live on the East? Take a trip down Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West Florida. 

9. Create a backyard retreat

Summertime is the time to eat alfresco and enjoy as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Why not make your own patio your personal backyard retreat? Pick out some beautiful lighting pieces, plant a few lovely blooms, and pick out some cozy lounge-friendly furniture to turn your backyard into an enchanting escape.

Credit: Promised Path Landscaping Inc

10. Have an outdoor movie night

Pop some popcorn, grab some blankets to lay out on the lawn, and play a projector screen movie. Want to make it extra fun? Stream some lights, and have a snack bar where guests may help themselves to delicious treats.

Credit: Bobby Berk Interiors + Design

11. Go hammocking under the stars

Grab your best friends and go hammocking. Find the tallest tree in the most beautiful location, and fall asleep under the beautiful night sky. Not only does this make for an awesome Instagram-worthy picture, but it’s an excuse to embrace your natural side since you will literally be sleeping in the trees.


12. Visit your local farmers market

Summertime is the perfect time to shop for fresh local produce. Find affordable fresh fruits and vegetables locally, or taste fresh bread at the bakery vendors. Make sure to enjoy the various arts and crafts vendors too. Between the fresh food, the games, and the fun, this makes for a perfect family summer outing.

13. Host a summer brunch

Hosting a summer brunch gives you the perfect opportunity to dress like a Georgia peach, and indulge in delicious food while enjoying those incredibly happy moments of uncontrollable laughter with your loved ones. Make your grandmother's delicious homemade punch and some tasty finger foods to enjoy with your best friends in your own backyard.

14. Paint a room

We all have a room in our home that we envision to be a lovely place and every beautiful room starts with a fresh coat of paint. Summer is the perfect time to begin tackling your painting projects. So, grab yourself some good painting supplies from your local hardware store, invite some friends over, and have a painting party.


16. Make a fresh berry pie

From flaky crusts to fruit-filled centers, pie promises a sweet ending to any meal. Pick your favorite summer berries and make a homemade pie from scratch.


17. Attend a summer festival

Whether you are planning on attending one of the biggest summer music festivals for the first time or planning on seeing an act you’ve never seen before, festivals are the place to be. Fall in love, or fall in the mud, but what makes the perfect fun-in-the-sun festival is good food, live music, tradition, and fun entertainment.

18. Sign up for a summer marathon (or a half marathon)

Summertime is a perfect time to conquer your fitness goals. Yes, a time to focus on you both mentally and physically. Stop telling yourself no, and prove to yourself that you can do hard things. Mile-by-mile you will bring yourself that much closer to becoming a more powerful you.


19. Attend a cooking class

Make pasta from scratch, cook fine meats, or bake delicious desserts and learn alongside a professional chef. Learn the tricks of the trade and attend a cooking class near you. Don’t know of any classes close to you? Check out your local Harmons event calendar online. Many Harmons locations will host local cooking classes often.

20. Buy tickets to a concert

Have an artist you are dying to see live in concert? Check their tour dates and make sure you don’t miss when they come to your own hometown. Part of the fun in concerts is listening to the audience cheer and singing along to the songs that you both love.

21. Make homemade ice cream

Buy yourself a little ice cream maker, or make it in a plastic bag. Hot sunny days call for a perfect ice cold treat, and ice cream always hits the spot. Experiment with different ingredients and create your own perfect summer recipe.

22. Take a beach trip

There is nothing like some good vitamin D and Vitamin Sea. The ocean is simply wonderful for the soul. So, get ready and pack your sunglasses, your sunblock, and your other beach essentials and take a beach trip. You’ll leave with sun-kissed skin and memories that will last a lifetime.


23. Attend a lantern festival

What is a lantern festival? Imagine thousands of merrymakers joining together with lanterns for one unforgettable show. When the time is just right, everyone will light the sky with their highest hopes, and fondest dreams.


24. Take a boating trip

Boating is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in life. It creates fun opportunities for bonding with family and friends in the most relaxing & beautiful environment, alongside the water.


25. Go on a sunset hike

Being on top of a mountain and watching the sun go down is a magical experience. It's a perfect time to appreciate the beautiful world you live in. Take your camera, throw down a blanket and sit and watch the golden sunset.


26. Enjoy a summer picnic by the water

Pack your favorite picnic basket with yummy picnic food and take a trip to your closest lake. Set your picnic blanket out on the dock, and share a lovely evening with a special someone by the water.

27. Take a trip to the pool

Pack your swim bag and visit your local swimming pool for a relaxing time away. Bring a good book and some fresh fruit to snack on while you enjoy a relaxing retreat by the water.

28. Change up your summer wardrobe

When putting together outfits for warmer summer months it’s all about easy, simple silhouettes and effortless pairings. Add some new summer pieces, and mix and match items you already own to create fresh new look


29. Rent a scooter for a day

Put on your chicest outfit and take a scooter ride around town. Run some errands, or drive around your favorite neighborhood in style.


30. Read some good books

Enjoy lounging in your favorite cozy spot and reading some good books from a best seller list. No matter how much stress you have at work, or in your personal relationships, it all just slips away when you lose yourself in a great story.