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Hi loves,

So the surprise that I have been wanting to share for quite some time, well I can finally share it now! So a few months back, my best girl Mallory Gifford and I sat down and put our heads together to create our dream collaboration. We ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and talked for hours about how to work with the Grand America, and what a dream it would be if we could actually pull it off. We were all nerves at first, but we both talked each other up, gathered up our nerves, and went into the Grand America together to see if we could get this ball rolling. We knew we could never make this happen if we didn’t at least try. Then, just a few days after I received one of the happiest emails of my life! Yes, it was the wonderful marketing manager from the Grand America saying that they would love to work with us. I immediately called Mal screaming with excitement. “Mal, we did it! They are giving us three room suites on the 22nd floor with complimentary breakfast!” If you can imagine how that would feel, we were so excited as this was something we only dreamed of doing.

This experience was something I will never forget. The second I walked into the big golden doors I was taken back by the beauty. Everything was so elegant from the marble floors with charming detail, the gorgeous big chandeliers, the stunning flower arrangements, and the classical music playing in the background. Just walking in the doors was enough to make me feel like a princess. As I checked in, the front desk staff was so friendly and so accommodating. There was even a bellman ready to pick up my bags from my car and I was so thankful for his kindness. He asked me, “What are you here for?” I replied, “Myself, and six other Utah bloggers are doing a collaboration with the Grand America.” “Oh wow, you guys must be pretty cool, I have worked here for eight years and they don’t even give me room suites.” he replied. The bellman was so funny, and I was so thankful for his genuine kindness.

As I walked into the room, I was once again blown away by the beauty. I ran to open up the balcony doors and gazed at the beautiful sight in front of me overlooking Salt Lake City. At that point it finally hit me that this was actually happening, that my dream was actually a reality. The music was playing in the room and It was just me, looking at my own reflection in the mirror. It was such a growing experience for me to finally comprehend that I truly can make my dreams a reality. Being a girl who has struggled with believing in myself this was such a special moment in my life.

The girls started to arrive and we were able to touch up our makeup in the rooms before we went down to the lobby to shoot. We had the opportunity to wear beautiful Sherri Hill dresses from Ypsilon Dresses in Salt Lake City. Our experience with Ypsilon Dresses was so wonderful and they have such a wonderful staff that helped us each separately in order to find the most perfect dress. If you are looking for a gorgeous dress and live in Utah, please do check them out. Not to mention, they are the only company in Utah to carry Sherri Hill Dresses, and they have one of the biggest selections in the state. You can even bring family and friends to your fitting to make your experience even more special.

We got to work with some of the most talented people in the state including Camilla from Camilla Binks Photography, and Lyndi and Bob from Sugar Rush Photo and Video. They were both so much fun to work with and we couldn’t have picked anyone to capture this moment more perfectly. Sheer Rose design also provided beautiful blooms for this shoot, and they were so lovely to wake up to.

After shooting we walked back to the room and put on our lounge attire provided by the Grand including the comfiest robes I have every worn and slippers to match. We ordered in room service, yes ice-cream, and it was honestly that best thing of my life. We stayed up for hours planning our next big collaboration, and we cannot wait! I love the power of synergy, and when heads come together to create much bigger and greater things.

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Thank you so much to everyone involved, and for being so lovely to work with. Please make sure to check out everyones websites and blogs and send lots of love their way!


Videography by Sugar Rush Photo and Video: Check out their work HERE

Photography by Camilla Binks photography: Check out her work HERE

Flowers by: Sheer Rose Design Check out their work HERE                                                     

Sherri Hill Dresses provided by: Ypsilon Dresses Check out their website HERE              

Hotel: The Grand America Plan Your Next Getaway HERE

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Say yes to your dream. Because life is just simply too short. Time runs out. No replay. Enjoy every moment and DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I hope you start living the life you imagined for yourself.

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