Stop child hunger and join me as I partner with Unilever USA to feed hungry children in America because no child deserves to go to be hungry..  Hunger hurts, especially for kids, and can help stop child hunger in America.

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Child Hunger In America Facts

Did you know that Child hunger in America is not only a little problem, its A BIG PROBLEM, and it’s heart breaking. Right here in the United States, 1 out of every 6 children does not know where their next meal is coming from. That’s 16 MILLION children suffering from hunger – possibly right in your very own neighborhood.

These children face hunger every day, and that is something we must come together and fight to fix. As many of you know, this week I partnered up with Unilever to help change that statistic and YOU can help change it too!

My heart aches for these children that go to bed hungry. Hunger hurts everyone, but it is especially devastating for kids. These children are so hungry, and hunger deprives these kids of more than just food. A child with an empty stomach simply doesn’t have the same energy as a fed child. They don’t have energy to focus, engage in school and activities, and grow. Yet, 1 in 6 children have to worry for when they will have their next meal.

How You Can Help Stop Child Hunger

Unilever has agreed to donate 1 meal to Feeding America for each Like/comment on this post or simply by sharing your own #ShareAMeal empty plate #Selfie. It’s simple! Our goal is to come together as a community that cares. More importantly, to spread a very important message, and to get these children fed. Let’s do our part to give a million meals to feed these hungry kiddos! Let’s do this! Imagine what we could do together if everyone of you joined in!

Learn more about the cause: Unilever USA.