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Helping Others Fiercely Embrace What Makes Them Feel Beautiful, Talented, and Successful

Hi, I’m Sarah Simonsen. I have never considered myself to be the greatest blogger success story. More so, just a real girl with big dreams, an open heart, and a laptop. I feel the most success when I add value to the lives of the people that I come in contact with while sharing what I truly love. I have known from a young age that my life calling is to help people see their own unique potential, by embracing their strengths and stopping at nothing to chase after their dreams.

Sarah Simonsen, Utah Fashion Blogger from the Style Gala

About Style Gala

Style Gala, is where I will share everything that I feel makes life more beautiful, adventurous, or meaningful. Here you will find everything from outfit posts, travel destinations, beauty tips, blog advice, career tips and more. I want Style Gala to be a place where people may come to feel inspired. I believe that a passionate life is the only life worth living and that taking risks is necessary for improvement, personal growth, and happiness.

Do you blog full time? When did you start Style Gala?

I started the Style Gala in October of 2014 and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Currently, I continue to write part time as I am also a full time student currently studying computer science. I am also a full time social media manager for a company in Salt Lake City. 

What influenced you when making the decision to start a fashion & lifestyle blog?

Being a computer nerd who also really enjoys fashion, traveling, writing, and photography, the decision to start a blog really felt like a natural and easy decision. The choice to make my blog fashion related also came easy as I have always been a girly girl at heart. I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding a mix of high/low fashion styles at affordable prices and I really enjoy sharing my finds with others. 

What made you choose the name “Style Gala” for your blog?

I chose the name Style Gala because it means Celebration of Style. Style to me does not only directly relate to the clothes a person wears. Rather, it’s also the way that a person has a manner of doing something. Style to me is when a person embraces what makes them completely different in their own beautiful way. Whether that is to embrace their own unique dress style, the way they work, the way they treat others, and the way they share their ideas with the world. I have always loved style in all forms and I believe that every day it should be celebrated as well as appreciated by others because that is what makes this world such a special place.

.. I hope to inspire others to be themselves, and dress how they want to. More importantly, to contribute to this world how they want to.

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