I am aware that the use of any kind of injectables or fillers is a debated topic. However I have had a very wonderful experience, I feel confident in my decision, and I’m hoping I can shed some light for those of you that are interested.

My First Experience With Fillers (Juvederm)


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If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge researcher, and before I take anyones advice I will always go to my beloved GOOGLE for all of the nitty–gritty answers. I feel that if I can search the whole world wide web and find little to nothing that should concern me about any kind of procedure, or any type of beauty treatment that I should probably be okay to try it for myself. However, you will always get that person that will tell you to “BEWARE”, and “HAVE CAUTION”, and “DON’T DO THAT TO YOUR FACE, YOU DON’T NEED IT”.

Well.. I also don’t need makeup, but I wear it everyday because it makes me feel ready for the day, more presentable, and of course more beautiful by enhancing features that I already have. I think that this same scenario applies for anyone considering other beauty enhancements such as fillers, botox, cosmetic surgery or even plastic surgery, if that will help them feel better and more confident in their skin, then isn’t this a great thing? If that means rocking your cheek bones a little more, or rocking the lipstick a little more with your gorgeous full lips, I say own it.

Yes, we all know that some can get very carried away with procedures like these, and not know when to stop to the point of having a duck face, or absolutely no facial expression left. However, isn’t that why they say most things are good in moderation and with BALANCE? So just be smart about it, and you very well could find it to be a great thing for yourself.


My final decision to try dermal fillers was a decision that I felt would greatly help with insecurities I had been having and also because I think there is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty if it is done safely and if it will help with your self confidence. For many years growing up, and even into my teenage years I had a pretty extreme class three underbite, and this was a very big insecurity of mine. Once my bite was fixed, and after three seperate times with braces, I still had a very sunken top lip that would naturally fall behind my bottom lip. This made for a natural frowning face, and I couldn’t do much about it.

Many of times, I would get teased by friends at school that I always looked angry. This really bugged me because who wants to be that person that looks like they always have their panties in a bundle, especially when you consider yourself to be a very happy person? As I got older, this insecurity of mine started to really bug me more, and I knew I had to do something about it soon. This is when I started researching lip fillers as a possible solution..

In addition to wanting to do something about my lips, I also had been feeling some slight insecurities with my flat, mostly dimensionless cheeks. After I came back home from my first year of college, I lost some weight and developed slight skin sag in my cheek area. It wasn’t very noticeably terrible to anyone else, but  in my twenties, this was definitely something I wanted to start taking care of. Twenty pounds may seem like not a lot to you, but on someone who is 5’3″ it is definitely more noticeable, and it wasn’t too great on my face either.

After much research and talking with professionals at different offices, this was something I felt confident about trying. I am very pleased with my results and if you look at my before and after pictures you will definitely notice a difference. I have more shape in my cheeks, and my top lip is now much fuller, which makes my face look a lot more proportionate. Since the procedure, I also look a lot happier when my face is relaxed. I can honestly say that I feel more beautiful and more confident, and I would never tell anyone not to try it.  I will continue to do what I feel is great for me and I would expect everyone to do the same.

  • Dermal fillers, when used appropriately are highly recommended by medical professionals, not just for older patients, but also for younger patients to use as a preventative to slow down the aging process.
  • Juvederm (the filler that was used on me) is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid that has a proven track record of safety.
  • Hyaluronic acid (in Juvederm)  is a natural component of the second layer of your skin. It can actually hold up to 1000x it’s own weight in water and is pretty excellent at volumizing the skin.
  • Fillers can be used for many things including but not limited to: creating fuller more even lips, softening deep lines and wrinkles by the mouth and nose, enhancing cheeks for a more youthful look, and to diminish other wrinkles on the face.
  • The procedure or injection normally only takes about 15 minutes. Yep, that’s it.
  • Tenderness during the procedure is minimal to none, as there is numbing cream used before as well as lidocaine in the Juvederm itself to help minimize pain as well.
  • Results are immediate and may last anywhere from 6-18 months.
  • A recent study on facial fillers reported an overall patient satisfaction of 89% who had positive experiences.




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So after much research I found pretty excellent reviews about Utah Facial Plastics along with incredible before and after photos on their website. I think a good review says a lot, but many GREAT reviews say even more about a company, especially when it comes to procedures like fillers. I was feeling really good about them and decided to reach out to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Lets just say that I am so happy I did! The second I walked in the office, I was a little nervous because I have never done anything like this before and the Front Desk girl Brandi immediately welcomed me and she was just the sweetest and most helpful. Then I got to meet Alfie, the Nurse Injector, and she took me back to her office. I love her energy and she is just a bundle of fun. If you are one that is kind of nervous with needles, like I sometimes am, Alfie will just make you laugh and feel at ease. Normally I am a nervous wreck with stuff like this, and I could not believe how relaxed I was with her. Not to mention I’m pretty sure she is the absolute best at what she does, Alfie was so careful and was very good at asking me what I liked, and wanted to fix. Every time I go in, I know It will be a party with her. Want to get to know more about Alfie? Read more about her HERE.

I also need to give a give a HUGE thanks to Jenny, the Marketing Director. None of this would have been possible with out her. She has been so lovely and accommodating from the very beginning. Talk about a staff that loves their jobs, and are all so fantastic at what they do.

I am so excited to mention that Jenny has invited me to partner with Utah Facial Plastics as a patient brand ambassador!  I love sharing things that I love and brands that I stand behind, and I truly am grateful for this opportunity. So stick around, because you will be seeing more frequent updates from me, and some fun content including some behind the scenes footage. I love Utah Facial Plastics, and I plan to be a patient for years to come.


Yes, if you call and schedule an appointment with Utah Facial Plastics sometime within the next few weeks you can get $100 off Juvederm! This is a huge savings you guys! This deal does not go on very often, so I would get on it quick! They also offer several other treatments, so feel free to check out their other specials and events going on HERE.

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