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I thought I would share my #1 best shave secret with you.

Many of us have been guilty of milking our long-overused-gross razors, and this my friends has got to come to an end!  I was SO done with my old gross razors and I have found the perfect solution, Dollar Shave Club. For those of you that have not yet heard of them, they are an online subscription company that sends fresh new razors and shaving products to your door every month, for just a few dollars a month! P.S. if you haven’t already, you guys NEED to go check our their Youtube Videos, because they are SO SO great, and they will make your day.

Cole has been really wanting to try out their service since he first saw their HILARIOUS Youtube videos, and he finally got his first box to try for himself. He absolutely LOVES it! I swear I didn’t think it was possible to get this guy to shave more often, but with Dollar Shave Club he actually loves shaving now!

Seriously what’s not to love about getting fresh new, high quality razors sent to your door every month? First of all, the packaging is SO great! Cole’s box came with post shave moisturizer, repair serum, two razors, shave butter, and fresh new blades. The packaging was just so cute. I may have just stolen one of the razors for myself and it has been my ABSOLUTE favorite razor I have ever used.

How to Get The Best Shave Ever on Style Gala

The Best Shave and Shaving Products Ever on Style Gala

My #1 Best Shave Secret

You know all of those expensive razors that are “made for women,”  well believe me I have tried them all. Well, here is my Secret. I started using mens razors from Dollar Shave Club. Let’s just say that I haven’t even looked twice at the women’s razors that I used to buy. Mens razors are just all around better quality. They have more blades, and the shave you will get is cleaner, smoother, longer lasting, and all around better.

How to Get The Best Shave Ever on Style GalaSarah Simonsen Shares Her Secrets To Getting the Best Shave Ever on Style Gala

How to Get The Best Shave Ever on Style Gala

” I like shaving with a dull razor “

– Said No One Ever  

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself, and your legs will thank you! Also, make sure you check out my recent post, where I share my favorite Best Beauty Products For Fall. There I have listed my favorite shaving serum for getting the absolute best shave.


**This post was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. However all opinions are my own**